Bluetooth speaker Wavy
Bluetooth Speaker Wavy

Experience 10W power output from a compact profile. Pick up the portable Bluetooth Wavy speaker and take it with you around the house to  share your music in every room. Fill any room with intensive sound whether you’re relaxing or ready to party. Available in 5 colors.

Bluetooth speaker Wallaby
Bluetooth Speaker Wallaby

Enjoy your music  whether it’s on your smartphone, PC or via music service. Two drivers of 5W each, a subwoofer  add up to rich, immersive sound.  The Wallaby Bluetooth Speaker of Coppertech designed to provide an exellent  sound  for its size. Available in 5 colors.

enceinte 507 blue douche
Bluetooth Speaker Walrus

Waterproof unique design, use this waterproof speaker with suction cup in the bathroom, on the beach, in the pool, on the boat. The Bluetooth Seaker Walrus is tough and splashproof. Small but perfectly formed, it comes in 5 colours to suit your taste.

Wedge speaker gold

impressive sound

Powerful (2x8W/83dB), the wireless mini-speaker Wedge will surprise you with its amazing sound quality. It provides a pure and rich sound thanks DSP technology.

Battery life

Portable , with a built-in battery, the Coppertech speakers make it easy to enjoy your favourite music anywhere around the house  or outside .

NFC: Tap to connect

NFC technology removes the need for wired connections. Simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone or other device  to the speaker to play music.

Built-in speakerphone

Use your speaker Coppertech  to take calls from right where you’re sitting, standing or dancing.

Bluetooth pairing

Easy connect to play music from any Bluetooth enabled device from up to 30 feet away.


Absolutely amazing very loud links up wit

I purchased this as my daughter had one. Absolutely amazing very loud links up with fone very quickly and battery life before charging again is excellent Reed more...

By mary  on 2 Dec. 2015


 Remarkably good quality. A keeper

On the face of us on the face of it, this is extremely similar to other Bluetooth speakers it is compact in size at 16 x 7 cm, who is an internal battery, which is charged over a micro USB  Reed more...

By JackJack - TOP 10 REVIEWER - on 20 Aug. 2015

Seriously impressive sound

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there, and I have now tried a lot of them. Like the competition, this Coppertech speaker has the usual range of features. It is supplied with both jack plug and USB connectors to enable charging  Reed more...

By Bearman -TOP 100 REVIEWER -on 10 Aug. 2015